Jumbo Electronics launches LG Dualcool AC
May 27 2019 12:51 AM
The new LG Dualcool air-conditioner is equipped with advanced Dual Inverter Compressor.

The LG Dualcool air-conditioner, which effectively cleans the air while keeping the home comfortably cool, has been launched in Qatar by Jumbo Electronics.
The LG Air Purifying System built into Dualcool removes micro-particles, or particulate matter (PM), through a three-step process employing the PM1.0 sensor, ion diffuser and 
micro dust filter. 
First, the sensor detects dust particles up to PM1.0 in size along with other harmful airborne matter. Next, the ion diffuser generates over 5mn negative ions that attach to the particles. And finally, the positively charged micro dust filter easily filters out tiny, negatively charged micro-particles including viruses and bacteria. Using the principle of electrostatic charge, LG’s system also filters out minute, inhalable particles (up to PM0.3) that can cause respiratory disease. 
“Heat and dust are two factors that are constantly a problem during the summer months in the MEA region,” said Hongju Jeon, president, LG Electronics Gulf. “LG Dualcool is the ideal solution to keep homes cool during summer and mitigate the effects of indoor air pollution caused by dust, pet dander, perfumes, cleaning chemicals and more on friends and family.”
“With this sophisticated two-in-one appliance, customers need not worry about buying a separate appliance to purify the air they breathe but can be rest assured that clean air comes standard with an LG Dualcool AC,” said C V Rappai, director and CEO, Jumbo Electronics. 
Equipped with LG’s advanced Dual Inverter Compressor, Dualcool saves more energy and cools faster than a conventional model. The Comfort Air mode helps users feel more relaxed and protects their health by adjusting the vane to the optimal angle, preventing airflow from blowing directly at them and causing a sudden drop in body temperature.

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