Safety tips and Iftar mark MoI community outreach
May 26 2019 02:27 AM
Some of the officials who spoke during the awareness programme.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has held an Iftar and community awareness programme in a bid to make employees and labourers aware of Qatar’s rules and ensure their protection on roads and inside the home. 
The programme organised in co-operation with Gulf Industrial and Marine Services (GIMS) Group, was attended by senior officials from the Civil Defence, Drug Enforcement Department and Traffic Department. 
While addressing the attendees, Preventive Education and Information officer at the Civil Defence Abdul Hadi Ali al-Marri said lack of awareness results in casualties during a fire, noting that self-protection and the protection of others are the responsibility of everyone. 
Explaining the measures to be taken to ensure safety inside residences, al-Marri asked residents to provide immediate ventilation by opening the doors and windows if a gas leakage is detected, in order to eliminate or reduce the accumulation of leaked gas. 
“Avoid switching on the exhaust fan or any other electrical equipment. An electric spark that occurs while switching on a fan or a light may result in ignition of the highly inflammable gas. Please use soap foam for locating the leakage of the gas and never use a burning matchstick near a gas cylinder to locate the place of leakage,” he explained.
The Civil Defence presented a demonstration in order to help attendees better understand rescue measures. 
“When a fire breaks out in the oil pan, please cover the burning pan with a fire blanket in order to isolate the source of oxygen and avoid pouring water into an oil pan as it will ignite the fire,” he said, advising that accommodation units should be equipped with a suitable fire extinguisher and the residents must ensure its validity and functionality. 
Abdullah al-Shamari from the Drug Enforcement Department shed light on the measures that need to be taken to ensure protection from narcotics usage. He also advised the attendees to be vigilant while carrying medicinal drugs from their home countries to Qatar, noting that lack of awareness in this regard could result in legal action against the person concerned. 
“Don’t carry (medicinal) drugs that are not allowed in Qatar. Cross-check with doctors or experts whether they are allowed and then get a proper prescription from the doctor,” al-Shamari said. He also warned against accepting items from unknown persons and bringing them to Qatar. 
“It’s better to avoid carrying such things. Also, double-check and ensure an item is safe even if it is received from known persons,” he added.
Al-Shamari also asked the attendees to pass on information if any of their roommates is found consuming or selling drugs and liquor. “Staying with such persons is also punishable,” he added.
Captain Abdul Wahid Gharib al-Anzi, Traffic Awareness officer at the Traffic Awareness Department, said the poor awareness of rules remains a major cause of road accidents. 
“In 32% of accident death cases, the victims are pedestrians,” he said, explaining the rules to be followed while crossing roads. 
Al-Anzi, who lamented that both drivers and pedestrians use mobile phones, said the reluctance to follow the rules aggravates the problem when it comes to accidents and fatalities. 
The official also noted that some motorists fail to take the proper steps before changing lanes and also jump signals, posing a serious risk to other road users. 
He express his readiness to join hands with different companies to raise awareness of traffic rules. 
Faisal al-Hudawi, Community Outreach Office co-ordinator at the MoI’s Public Relations Department, and GIMS Group managing director Mahroof K K were also present.

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