The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has confirmed its continuous support for scientific research by organising regional competitions and exhibitions.
This came in a statement of the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Fawzia Abdulaziz al-Khater on the occasion of the excellent results achieved by Qatari schools in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), held in Arizona, USA.
Al-Khater congratulated the schools and students for their outstanding scientific achievements, praising their determination to honour the State of Qatar in this international competition.
Also, al-Khater praised the participation of Qatar’s students in events held in Kuwait, Turkey, Malaysia and the United States of America.
Al-Khater noted the growing interest in this field by educational institutions, civil society and universities that sponsor and seek to promote scientific research to achieve global results through these students, who spent time and effort to reach their present remarkable global achievement.
For her part, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Qatar University Dr Mariam al-Maadeed, praised the achievements of Qatar’s students in this competition and Qatar University’s and Al Bairaq Programme’s role in supporting this success as important partners in realising Qatar National Vision 2030 in the fields of scientific research and education.
Al-Maadeed stressed the importance of instilling the concept of scientific research in the hearts of students during the study period, which will benefit students and enhance their skills and develop their spirit of innovation.
Team Leader of Al Bairaq Programme at Qatar University Dr Noora Jabor al-Thani praised the impressive results achieved by the students participating in Intel International Competition, considering this success as the culmination of the efforts of the programme to arm students with capabilities and skills to compete in international competitions.
 This outstanding achievement has also been praised by the parents of the winning students and their school principals as an important indicator of the quality of education in Qatar.
The Intel ISEF is held annually in the USA. It is a global competition in the fields of scientific and social research, includes 19 fields, such as engineering, medicine, energy, transportation, computers, environmental sciences, botany, zoology and sociology.
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