Food Tips: What to eat?
May 21 2019 01:19 AM

By Azmat Haroon

One of the desserts that is hard to miss at any Iftar or Suhoor in the Middle East is the popular pastry dessert Kanafeh, which is typically made with semolina dough, soaked in a sugar-based syrup, and filled with clotted cream or – better yet – cheese.  
Kanafeh derives its name from the Arabic verb kanaf (to shelter) and dates back at least half a millennium. Although there is much debate in the Middle East about its origin as well as the authentic, original recipe— the origin of Kanafeh can be traced back to the 10th century in the Palestinian city Nablus in northern region of the West Bank. Nablus is renowned throughout the Levant for its Kanafeh, popularly known as Kanafeh Nabulsiyyeh, which is arguably the best variety of Kanafeh you will find anywhere because it is layered with the delicious Nabulsiyyeh cheese. Whether you like it crispy or soft, many Kanafeh enthusiasts continue to experiment with their favourite dessert by trying out new fillings such as Nutella or even ice cream.  Here are our top picks for restaurants with the best Kanafeh in Qatar.

Top places for Kanafeh

Al Aker

Al Nashama
Jabri Resturant & Sweets 
Dr Kanafa 

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