‘Between the lines’: art through the eyes of Qatari artist al-Mulla
May 20 2019 01:20 AM
The exhibition “Lines telling a story” will take art lovers and enthusiasts through a moving journey through al-Mulla’s eyes.

Qatari artist Yasser al-Mulla has opened another moving art exhibition at Art29, W Doha Hotel & Residences, showcasing 35 drawings which aims to “raise questions” in his art and depict his thoughts using discursive, achromatic lines.
The exhibition, which will be open to the public from 10am to 10pm daily until June 18, titled “Lines telling a story” will take art lovers and enthusiasts through a moving journey through al-Mulla’s eyes. 
Known for his black and white line technique, al-Mulla, who has a colour-mixed optic condition, believes the line technique is limitless and that he can attract people to the ideas inside his brain through endless lines. 
He attempts to present his own through ambiguous thin and thick black lines against a vacant white space. Each drawing illustrates a story and when put all together, the collection inevitably depicts his life journey that come together through meandering lines and geometric shapes. 
“Art29 has become Doha’s premier spot to showcase the growing base of talented artists the country has to offer. Al-Mulla’s art gallery is not to be missed, his drawings are an accumulation of knowledge, experiences and culture and will truly inspire the next generation of passionate artists to go after their dreams and turn a white canvas into their personal journey,” W Doha general manager Wassim Daaje said in a statement.
An engineer by trade, al-Mulla studied at Qatar University and law at Cairo University, but did not begin drawing until 2015. He found his true passion and motivation by telling his story through drawings. 
Al-Mulla does not have an exact plan in mind before he draws, but rather a preliminary abstraction of what to include. 
Art 29 is a platform that presents the works of up and coming local, regional and international artists. It provides them with a space to showcase their work and aspirations to the community.

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