As part of its annual Ramadan campaigns, Barwa Bank has announced a suite of customer loyalty reward schemes and experiences as well as charitable events and activities that will be launched and rolled out for the duration of the holy month.

Among its largest customer-centric initiatives is a limited-time Ramadan offer for all Barwa Bank credit card holders, rewarding their domestic and overseas purchases transacted through these cards during the holy month with the chance to win loyalty points, the bank has said in a statement.

Upon each local purchase made through their credit cards, the bank’s loyal customers will get the opportunity to partake in a nationwide draw, offering 25 winners monthly a prize of 20,000 loyalty points each and a grand prize of 1,000,000 loyalty points.

Moreover, the credit card holders will benefit from a wide array of exclusive discounts at hotels and Ramadan tents across Qatar.

In a wider nationwide awareness and educational effort, the bank has launched a video series on its social media channels, titled 'Baseeta' (Simple), offering informative content, tips and life hacks for the community for Ramadan daily life and practices.

In parallel, Barwa Bank’s returning Ramadan quiz will engage 30 contestants in a competition on its website, testing their knowledge around the holy month. Competition winners will stand to each walk away with a prize of QR1,000 and will be announced after Ramadan ends.

Rallying the local community behind sharing experiences during the holy month, Barwa Bank is also bringing back its action-packed Ramadan Futsal Tournament.

Customers and others partaking in the ninth edition of the successful tournament will get the chance to contribute to the bank’s charity activities and initiatives. Barwa Bank, in co-operation with the Qatar Charity foundation, will be distributing charitable endowments against attendee registrations in this year’s tournament, donating triple the registration proceeds to charitable work serving families in need.

This year’s edition of Barwa Bank’s flagship tournament kicks off today at Qatar’s Al Ahli Sports Club, and its finale will see the distribution of five prizes for the winning teams. The winning team will take home QR30,000, the first qualifying team, QR20,000 and the second qualifying team QR10,000. Each of the Best Goalkeeper and Top Scorer title holders will also walk away with a QR3,000 prize.

"These endeavours and initiatives, aptly launched in the charitable time of the holy month, fall under Barwa Bank’s wider corporate social responsibility programme, one that has long centred on the bank’s core philosophy of putting people and communities first. Through these initiatives, and many more to come, the bank continues to reaffirm its unrelenting commitment to serving and contributing to developmental efforts across all sociocultural and economic facets of the Qatari community," the statement noted.

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