Tranquil, sandy stretch near a landscaped park with a playground, grassy lawns and a paved promenade – these are some of the features of the Abu Dhalouf Park. 
This beautiful park of Qatar lies on the lip of the sea in the northern town of Ruwais. The area is generally known for many historical sites nearby, as it falls in the district of Shamal area. The Abu Dhalouf Park has playgrounds, space for barbecue, beaches, mosques etc., so it comes with a variety of activities that you and your family can enjoy, especially on the weekend. 
The refreshing scenery as well as the fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, can be a source of rejuvenation for the young as well as the adult members of your family. 
If you can’t decide between a quick swim, a stroll in the park or a quick bite of a barbecue, you can always hop on a boat ride at Abu Dhalouf Park! 
— Photos and text by Labeeb, @LABEEBPHOTOGRAPHY
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