*Ministry warns violators

An initiative by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to offer discounted prices on more than 500 consumer products came into effect on Thursday.

The initiative, launched in co-operation with major shopping malls, will be valid until the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the Ministry announced in a statement.

It comes within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts over the past years to meet the needs of citizens and residents needs of consumer goods at reduced prices during the holy month, when spending on food commodities traditionally increases.

The initiative covers basic commodities consumed during Ramadan, such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, Harees, oil, milk, and other food and non-food items whose consumption increases during the holy month.

The Ministry has been communicating and co-ordinating with suppliers to identify commodities that witness increased demand during the holy month in a bid to offer these goods at the most appropriate prices.

The list of discounted consumer goods has been circulated to all major shopping malls in the country, and is accessible to consumers through the Ministry’s website and social network pages.

The statement warned that it will not tolerate any violations of the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations, and will intensify its inspection campaigns to crack down on violations.

The Ministry said it will refer those who violate laws and ministerial decrees to competent authorities, who will in turn take appropriate action in order to protect consumer rights.

The Ministry has urged the public to report any violation of the resolution’s provisions, and said it receives complaints and suggestions through the following channels: Call centre: 16001, e-mail: [email protected], Twitter: @MOCIQATAR, Instagram: MOCIQATAR, Ministry of Commerce and Industry mobile app for Android and IOS: MOCIQATAR

The discounted prices of the items are as follows: