Popular songs by a renowned Tunisian traditional music band highlighted the ‘Malouf Al Khadraa’ Tunisian music night on Sunday at the Katara Drama Theatre.
The event, presented by Katara – the Cultural Village in co-ordination with the Tunisian embassy in Doha, was attended by Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti and Tunisian ambassador Salah al-Salhi, along with several other dignitaries and diplomats, in addition to a big turnout of Tunisian community members in Doha.
Dr al-Sulaiti said that Katara is always keen on presenting the different cultures from all around the world and this concert opens a window on the rich authentic Tunisian heritage where classical music is mixed with Andalusian style. “Katara had organised several Tunisian cultural events which aim to introduce the Tunisian culture to other communities and they always witness large turnout by visitors not only by Tunisians but from other community groups as well”, he added. Al-Salhi said this event “takes audience from Doha to Tunisia where real heritage combines different cultures such as ancient Andalusian.” The band also sang a number of songs from old Andalusian music, which is still well preserved in Tunisia, enthralling Katara visitors.

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