A family trip to Education City
April 24 2019 01:48 AM

My daughter had a photography assignment in her school on the theme ‘What does Spaces mean to you’. 
We had a short list of places where we could wander, finding the spaces that she had in mind and we explored the Education City for its architectural marvels. Firstly, we stopped at the Ceremonial court, where we took a couple of photos with a passerby, who very kindly accepted to walk past the corridor while we clicked.
Our next stop was the magnificent Qatar National Library. Here my daughter really discovered some unique spaces to shoot between the book racks and some wide angle shots of the humongous library.
Our final stop was at the futuristic looking Education City Mosque. Here we discovered the unique blend of old and modern architecture. We had the opportunity to capture some amazing images here.
If you want to take some amazing photos or simply spend a worthwhile place with your family in Qatar, I would highly recommend you visit Education City’s family friendly places like the Qatar National Library, Education City Mosque, Ceremonial Court and the Oxygen Park. — Muhammed Muslim, (@mmuslim)

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