Oud festival kicks off at Katara
April 24 2019 12:09 AM
Qatar's Mohamed al-Sulaiti performing at the concert on Tuesday. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam
Qatar's Mohamed al-Sulaiti performing at the concert on Tuesday. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam


Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation launched the third edition of the Katara Oud Festival on Tuesday, featuring prominent oud players and manufacturers from various countries.

Present at the inauguration were Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti and several other dignitaries and VIP guests, in addition to a large number of visitors and oud lovers from different community groups in Doha.

The opening night saw a number of stirring performances by artistes from various countries, which enthralled the audience.

A singer performing on Tuesday

The event is being held under the theme 'Alkindi', inspired by the famous Arab scholar and philosopher, Yacoub bin Ishaq al-Kindi.

In his opening speech, Dr al-Sulaiti stressed that Katara was committed to pursuing its message of hosting and supporting art and culture from around the world.

“The great success witnessed by the previous two editions of the Oud Festival obliged us to launch the third edition under the theme of 'Alkindi', after the famous Arab philosopher," he said. "Al-Kindi sought to establish this kind of music and here we are now, at Katara, trying to open more doors to it through this festival as we have gathered some of the most famous oud musicians and manufacturers from 13 different countries.

"This is part of our commitment to preserve and enhance this authentic cultural heritage.”

Visitors at the exhibition

Mohamed al-Marzougi, the festival director, said Katara will present a variety of concerts every day during the festival, with 12 musicians performing different kinds of oud melodies daily.

“As the main character of our festival this year was born in Iraq, the festival’s theme is inspired by the rich Iraqi culture and heritage,” he added.

The opening ceremony also featured the screening of a documentary film about al-Kindi, who, besides his important contributions to mathematics, chemistry and physics, played a big role in enriching traditional music.

The opening ceremony was presented by Dr Rima al-Shaar, academic specialist and professor at the Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait. She will also present the upcoming musical evenings during the festival.

A concert in progress.

In addition to her academic career, Dr al-Shaar has made a wide range of contributions to the field of exploring new musical talents among the youth.

The oud manufacturers' and craftsmen's exhibition, which includes a number of pavilions displaying different types of oud, has also opened with the participation of several prominent oud makers.

The event runs until April 26, with concerts beginning at 8pm every day. The performances take place in Building 16.

Participants include oud players from Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, Oman, Greece, Yemen, Syria and Iran, while renowned oud manufacturers are also taking part in the festival, such as Yacoub Jassim from Kuwait, Yasser Saleh from Iraq, Ibrahim Sukkar from Syria, Bars and Farouk from Turkey and Yahia Abulfazel from Iran.

The performers on Tuesday included twins Eiz and Fahad (Iraq), Mohamed al-Sulaiti (Qatar), Dr Dalia Hussain (Jordan), Aseel Hamim (Iraq), Mustafa Zair - Sumerion Music Group (Iraq) and Ali al-Khulusy (Qatar).

Also, the artistes together performed a patriotic song dedicated to Qatar.

A section of the exhibition.

A workshop will also be held on oud manufacturing in Building 19.

Katara's first Oud Festival in March 2017 was dedicated to Ziryab, a legendary musician from the Arab and Islamic world, while the second one was held under the theme 'Al-Farabi, the Second Master'.

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