Vodafone Qatar has said it continues its leadership in driving digital innovation with news that it is making 5G technology commercially available with the launch of its latest innovation – Vodafone GigaHome – the new home Internet solution.

Vodafone GigaHome "covers every size house with guaranteed Wi-Fi in every room using a state-of-the-art Giga-Wi-Fi Hub powered by Vodafone’s GigaNet network, including Fibre and 5G”, the company has said in a statement.

Alongside this, customers can enjoy free lifestyle offers – including Entertainer and WAVO by OSN, which provides live channels from across the globe, TV shows and on-demand movies.

With Vodafone GigaHome, there are no installation fees, no charges for moving to a new house, and seamless installation, the statement notes.

This latest offering follows Vodafone’s announcement last month that it doubled the speed of all its existing customers’ home fibre Internet for free.

Commenting on their latest launch, Vodafone Qatar chief operating officer Diego Camberos said: “We’re delighted to make 5G available in the homes of Qatar to meet our customers’ needs and lifestyle requirements.

“GigaHome Wi-Fi solves the fact that many families are experiencing inconsistent Internet due to poor Wi-Fi coverage in their homes.

“The launch of Vodafone GigaHome is another important milestone in our clear strategy to lead digital innovation in Qatar.

“Far more than mobile, we have been rolling out a full spectrum of digital solutions for personal and business use; all supported by our world-class network – GigaNet.”

For more information on Vodafone GigaHome, one can visit the nearest Vodafone store or go to www.vodafone.qa/GigaHome

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