Fading into scarlet colours
April 22 2019 12:17 AM
Photo by Samrah Shahid

Azmat Haroon

Poets, writers and philosophers alike have historically used different elements of nature for symbolic purposes as much as they have used it for visual description or imagery that adds depth to a piece literature when effectively used with vivid and descriptive language. The bold, brilliant, and rich in colours sunsets are no exception to this rule. 
For all of us, the setting sun represents the completion of a day’s work and the passing of time. The evening twilight indicates that time of the day when we take a break. After all, a sunset is a candlelight vigil held in memory of the day.But for a literary mind, the setting sun could symbolise the journey of life itself, in which the human life is compared metaphorically with the setting sun. The beauty of the setting sun is also emblematic of the beauty and mystery of life itself. As the sun sets, lights also fade, which is symbolic of the forces of darkness. It is no surprise then that in literature, sunset provides the mystical and mysterious setting for an unusual moment in a narrative. It is sometimes passionate, sometimes introspective, but it is always fleeting.

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