The painted lady
April 18 2019 01:51 AM

Anan Joy Antony

At my little house in this scorching desert, the garden we have; the small oasis we created, was always a welcoming site for birds of all kinds, to rest their wings from the harsh heat of the summer. The greenery acts as a beautiful way to point direction too. I just have to tell to anyone coming over; “Look for the house with the most greenery.” The birds were the usual sight ever since the garden reached its fruition. 
The first week of March, on a beautiful morning as I was awestruck by the silhouette of the trees under the sun, I noticed my brother looking at a flicker in the shadow of two fluttering creatures. I looked up and saw two butterflies, dancing around each other like a couple in a ballroom, before finally parting ways to rest. 
This kind of butterflies are called ‘the painted lady’ (Vanessa Cardui).  
It is a rare sight in Qatar to see butterflies this close, within the city limits. After seeing them, it felt like an assurance. An assurance that the efforts of Qatar and its residents to go green, is reaching its fruition. 

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