Sixth CMC elections on Tuesday
April 12 2019 08:32 PM
"Central Municipal Council " Qatar

By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

The voting for the sixth election to the Central Municipal Council (CMC) will take place on 16th Tuesday according to the Amiri Decree number 4 for 2019 in this regard.
The CMC has 29 seats, out of which two have been already won uncontested; Constituency No 7 (New Aslata) and Constituency No 27 (Al Zakhira). There are 94 candidates, including five women, in the fray for the remaining 27 seats.
The current CMC has two women members. The term of the council is four years. The first election to the CMC was held on April 8, 1999 and the first council held its first session on May 15 the same year.
Each Qatari adult, men and women alike, have the right to vote in the CMC election. The voting will be held from 8am to 5pm at centres across the country, and the winners will be announced the same day.
The candidates have been conducting intensive campaigning, including on social media, with their voters to explain their agenda and the services that they could offer them. The candidates have been holding regular meetings. While some take place at the house lounge (majlis) of the candidate, others host the sessions at the majlis of key figures in their constituency to discuss their future programmes and what they have to offer the people of the area. 
A number of billboards can be seen across the country, within each constituency with candidates expressing their vision for the CMC. Considered the only elected body of representatives in the country, the CMC is not a legislative entity. Rather, it is concerned with all the municipal affairs and services in the country and the related issues, where the members voice the concerns and demands of their voters regarding related issues. Accordingly, CMC members present their suggestions at the council for discussion at a public biweekly session open to the media. Most of such suggestions are often referred to CMC services and utilities committee for further study and consultation with representatives from the departments and authorities concerned to work out suitable recommendation for the issues of concern. These recommendations are then addressed to the targeted department or ministry through the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. In the meantime, the council would follow-up the updates on the actions taken regarding these recommendations and has the right to ask for clarification to the relevant response.
The CMC could be credited with recommending many of the advances witnessed in the country's municipal affairs such as the banning of the workers' accommodation complexes within family residential area, the newly issued regulations to allow more building areas within the residential villas, installing street lights for many streets and giving them appropriate names, in addition to various other services demanded by the council such as increasing the number of fuel stations, development of the beaches, beautification of streets and the creation of many parks and gardens within various residential neighborhoods.
What distinguishes the election campaign of the candidates is that all of them abide by the traditions and high ethical values of the country, with the process going on quietly and smoothly with each candidate keen on maintaining direct contact with the voters. 
There are no signs of any direct criticism against rival candidates. Each candidate only talks about what he or she has offered and could offer in collaboration with the authorities concerned.

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