Buzz and bazaar of life
April 11 2019 01:41 AM

By Kamran Rehmat

If you want to check out the melting pot that is Qatar in all its glorious diversity, then, there are few places that match the buzz of MIA Park bazaar, spreading cheer every Friday and Saturday come winter. With summer readying to sizzle, the latest edition is coming to a close. 
The bazaar brings together people from a range of nationalities and walks of life, but most of all affords those who can do with making some welcome extra cash to make their lives just that wee bit easier to sell wares without having to spend on the sales point, which the local authorities are happy to provide. 
The defining feature of this place is that it is full of life without being overly noisy. With an evident joie de vivre, you’re ever so likely to bump into interesting people, things and of course, cultural vistas. If your only purpose coming here was to shop for souvenirs, for instance, it is unlikely you would leave feeling unfulfilled. 
On account of personal interest, there’s art and aesthetics in artifacts that bring unmitigated joy. Again, there’s such multiplicity in store. 
The only tinge of sadness, if you have an artist’s heart, is when you consider many of these fine artists are selling works of brilliance, not to say passion, toil and sweat for a song. 
You wonder if they had had a better draw, they’d be making a killing, in another place and another time, perhaps. 
Food is another unmissable palate. The variety on offer — though it would unlikely compare favourably with say, the spice and sizzle of high-end dining — still ticks the ‘will-do’ mark. Again, on second thoughts, there’s always the possibility of snacking that all can enjoy. 
All in all, it’s always a joy returning to these lazy winter afternoon rendezvous. 
Text and photos by Kamran Rehmat

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