LuLu celebrates 'Jackfruit Fest'
April 06 2019 10:09 PM
Officials and dignitaries at the inauguration of the festival.
Officials and dignitaries at the inauguration of the festival.


LuLu, the largest hypermarket chain in the region, has launched its annual 'Jackfruit Fest: A Celebration of Taste'.

The festival was inaugurated by Indian ambassador P Kumaran at LuLu Hypermarket, Barwa City.

The four-day promotion which is being held at all LuLu stores across Qatar, "features good offers on a freshly imported selection of jackfruits", LuLu has said in a statement.

LuLu has flown in more than seven varieties of the tropical fruit for the festival from India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Uganda and Vietnam.

Besides the fresh range, jackfruit-infused dishes inspired from cuisines from around the world are also available on shelves in the hot food section with healthy options such as vegetarian kebab, quinoa salad, pizza, pudding, milk shakes and more.

"This food festival is a special event that not only highlights the flavours of this fruit, but also promotes the rich agricultural heritage of those countries. LuLu’s global sourcing offices and food processing units have helped them to be successful in guaranteeing the uninterrupted supply at the most competitive prices all year round," the statement notes.

Further, LuLu stressed that it "has continuously been exerting its greatest efforts to provide and sustain the supply of global products at the best rates. With the excellent combination of high-quality offerings and an organised logistics system, LuLu remains the favourite shopping destination in Qatar when it comes to a broader selection of international products".

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