The tree of life — in one frame!
April 05 2019 01:40 AM

Kamran Rehmat

Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet and scholar, said much when he underlined the need for a mindful eye: “Beauty surrounds us, but we need to be walking in a garden to know it.”
It is not every day that the elements come together — as if on cue — to enrich life. Our lensman was around in Aspire Park to behold the tree of life, a bird in flight, and two friends forming perfect company — all in one frame — to appreciate a calm evening in Doha. Against the blue sky, to boot!
Talking of calm evenings, there are few places that can induce the kind of ‘green’ envy that the lush Aspire Park does. A place to be in tolerable temp, it is the perfect setting for a fun evening or even just a stroll on those rubberised pathways to catch up on life with friend or family. No less attractive is it for cyclists to stay on the move or joggers to push their pulse rate up. 
The kids, meanwhile, kick on with an adventurous spirit in the designated activity area. In a nutshell, the lush green domination does just about enough to keep everyone in good humour — healthy body/healthy mind-like. 
Do remember Rumi when you next Aspire to a calm evening. 

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