The outlander brown lamb, in a flock of black ones, gazes into the lens with all that gentleness and tenderness in nature, somewhere on the country-side, Shamal, Al Noman Area, defining how the land untouched by humans for construction or any other purposes encompases life in its full form. It ceases to be just another moment, when you forget it’s right in the middle of the desert. Something spectacular, green – grass, being bitten off by the furry creature. Lamb symbolises peace and innocent mode of being with no interest in the difficult, nightmarish or problematic aspects of life. The photograph is all about expression, uncluttered with the mental baggage, that is all about experiencing joy in everything, without finding something too special. Going along the way with its flock, without any fuss, or questions; in serene, peaceful mind. 
Where bliss and delight shapes the perception of the photographer, for me the photograph does not provide a completely adequate doctrine, because it fails to account for the presence of suffering and evil in the world. Which is just another side of the same coin. But, if you just intend to see perfection, composition and peace in one photograph – just look at the innocence of the lamb in the photo, covered in a sandy fur, and fall in love with the animal creation all over again. It’s time to explore this part of Qatar. 

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