Hassad, Qatar’s leading investor in the food sector, announced Saturday that more than 110 local productive farms have registered via Mahaseel’s website to benefit from the company’s marketing and agricultural services.
This is equivalent to around 15% of the total number of local productive farms across the country (800 farms), according to a press statement. 
Hassad also announced that receiving and marketing the farmers’ products would begin by the end of May.
“We opened the registration process around 10 days ago so that the local productive farms can benefit from the marketing and agricultural services that Mahaseel will provide,” said Hassad CEO Mohamed al-Sadah, who lauded the initiative’s registration levels.
Al-Sadah added, “Hassad always aims to support the private agricultural sector and not to compete with it, thus, Mahaseel will provide marketing services to the farmers to remove the burden of marketing their products, so their focus can be on enhancing the quality and increasing the quantity of their produce, to support in achieving self-sufficiency.”
Mahaseel is a company specialised in providing marketing and agricultural services. The company was established by Hassad with the aim of supporting the private agricultural sector in order to support in achieving self-sufficiency.