Whilst in Qatar and some other countries in the world celebrating motherhood is a spring tradition, our other friends around the world wait until May to honour their mothers. Our social media feed is swarming today with tributes to mothers, grandmothers and expecting mamas. How about you? Have you gotten your Mom some flowers or a cute little present yet and showered her with the love she deserves. After all, she took care of you from birth to, well, now… and can you imagine a life without her?
Like mother, like daughter they say. The unique relationship between a mother and daughter is, of course, intricate and ever evolving. Some of us are dependent on that maternal figure from birth, relying on our mother for unceasing and permanent guidance and support, be it mental, emotional or professional. It remains the same even if you get married, move to another place or stay with her, forever and after. Many daughters one day actually realise, that in fact they’ve picked up many traits and habits of the figure they’ve been idealising forever their life, that they form their mother’s mirror image and for sure all of them takes pride in it.
From her sense of humour, to her covetable style, to just how much she loves them – these Qatari fashion finest have many reasons to love their mothers. Well, mothers, be proud because these young buds have all grown up and blossomed into bona fide style icons and they accredit you for their success.
Community asked these powerhouse trend setters to reflect on how their moms shaped their lives and careers. Where Yasmin Mansour filled her mother’s dream of becoming a fashion designer, Hissa Haddad followed her mother’s footsteps and glamorous approach to fashion.
What is consistent: When it comes to fashion, moms are the best muses.
Even if you spent your teenage years locked in your bathroom in an act of Manic Panic-fuelled rebellion, there’s no denying that your first fashion hero is usually your mother. Isn’t she? Yasmin and Hissa tell us.

Yasmin Masour

It won’t be erroneous to say that Yasmin has become one of the most-talked-about and sought-after luxury fashion name coming out of Qatar since her first collection, launched in 2014. Yasmin says, “My mom has always been my inspiration and muse. When I was 10 years old and even younger than that I used to go to her closet and steal her heels, jackets, dresses and coats and try them on. I always used to observe what she’s wearing at night and dressing up in, in the morning. She has always been about details, carrying so many colours, perfumes and jewellery. She told me that she loved art and used to draw when she was young. Well, even created some pieces for herself back then. That is something that pushed me to go for this field. My mother got me my first sewing machine!”
Yasmin adds, “When I turned 18 and went on to pursue designing as my major, she supported me like anything. Even during my university time, I used to share all my designs and work with her. I remember when I made my first dress in the school and how she told me that she’s proud of me.”
“She always says me that I’ve done something she always wanted to do when she was young. She says that I’m very happy that I always used to dream of having something like this and today my daughter did it.”

Hissa Haddad

Hissa, the 29-year-old engineer turned shoe designer, is the only Arab footwear designer that made her debut with a capsule collection at Paris Fashion Week 2017. Her breakout debut is only half the story of her success, the other, and more significant half is the fierce energy and motivation of her mother that has been her bedrock support in the struggling industry. “I have a very strong relationship with my mother. We share a sibling bond, rather than a typical mother-daughter sort of relationship. We go out together, travel together, enjoy each other’s company and share real secrets,” says Hissa.
Talking about her first exposure to fashion as a kid, Hissa says, “When I was a kid, my mother used to stitch my clothes herself. She used to take me to designers from a very young age and even sometimes used to draw and get some very specific stitchings done. She used to add pearls, roses, layers and crystals to my dresses, to make sure that my dresses are different from what’s out there. She always had a very delicate aesthetic taste. For shoes, she used to make sure I have each matching shoe to be paired with each dress, so she was very particular about all this.”
“When I started my business, she supported and believed in me throughout although other family members were against the idea that it might not do well, considering the competition in the market. I still remember, when I had my first meeting with the manufacturers in Italy, she was there with me. She always advised me to believe in my ownself.”
“The toughest period I had with my mom was when she was diagnosed with cancer. And that was just before I had started my Masters Degree. It was devastating and I had almost dropped my degree to spend time with her and be around her. But that’s when she said that if I quit my masters, she’s going to quit taking chemotherapy sessions. I used to travel back and forth between London and Doha to make sure that I’m holding her hand as she goes through the tough process. It was a tough journey for both of us and we’re happy that we both made it,” added Hissa.
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