Aman launches free counselling mobile app for women
March 18 2019 12:38 AM
Shawreeni launching
Officials at the launch event. PICTURE: Shemeer Rasheed


Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center (Aman) has launched the electronic application (Shawreeni,) to provide social, psychological and legal counselling services for women.
The aim of the application is to facilitate the access of the advice provided by Aman, especially to women as the target group of the centre, where the woman or girl can request advice through this privacy and confidential application, to receive a reply within five working days through mobile or e-mail.
CEO of Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) Amal bint Abdullatif al-Mannai said that the launch of the application is an important mechanism for civil society organisations in the framework of strengthening the international obligations of Qatar by activating the provisions of international conventions and charters through applied practices to achieve women empowerment.
Al-Mannai noted that this application provides easy, safe and secure service and raises the level of women's awareness of their issues, thereby enhancing their ability to overcome the challenges they face and contributing to ensure women's rights through the pursuit of both access and the right to build awareness and knowledge.
Aman Executive Director Mansour al-Saadi noted that the centre is keen to follow a scientific methodology for all its activities and applications where the needs of women in Qatar have been studied, and added that these studies have proven the need for a safe application that offers the right knowledge, enjoys independence and privacy, and hence the idea of developing the application that took almost six months.
Al-Saadi said the centre is keen to meet women's needs to suit them in terms of form and content. Through this service, women will be able to seek any number of consultations in several different areas, and she will also have a full reference to all her consultations if she wants to go back through her own account on the application.
CEO of Mada Maha al-Mansouri said that we believe in the right of persons with functional limitations, including those with disabilities and the elderly, to access all information through applications and electronic services.
Mada Center supports, develops and implements digital platforms in accordance with international standards of digital access, consultancy and capacity building of partners, and (Shawreeni) application from the Aman Center comes as a result of co-operation in this area.
Al-Mansouri added that this provision is an addition to the digital access achievements of Qatar, which won the fifth place in the world according to the Digital Access Rights Assessment index, and in support of the digital penetration rate in Qatar, which stood at 94%.
Head of Shawreeni implementation team, Noor al-Hashimi pointed out that Mada Center adopted for its development the availability of the most competent experts and specialists in the field, and the center has been keen to provide them with references and specialised books that they may need when providing consultation services.
An expert team is working on consulting, studying and preparing a response, and a number of psychological experts from Weyak Association and a number of jurists from the Association of lawyers will contribute to counselling.
Aman has signed co-operation protocols with both the Weyak Association and the Lawyers Association, and both associations have nominated a number of specialists and consultants to provide their services according to a specific mechanism.

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