Qatar Leadership Centre (QLC) and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Sunday, to use QSurvey to conduct unlimited academic research.
As the world's first bilingual online survey tool for the promotion of scientific research, and its corresponding mobile app were launched in April 2018.
Acting Managing Director at QLC, Dr Ali al-Kubaisi said: "We are proud to enter into a partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education - one of our flagship national institutions. From an organisational perspective, we are closely aligned through a common objective that advocates for the progressive development of human capital through educational initiatives."
"Today's agreement between QLC and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education will enrich the decision-making process and analytical skills of Qatari youths through QSurvey as an innovative research platform that can inspire their curiosity as scholars and ultimately key stakeholders in Qatar's future national development framework," he concluded.
HE Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh al-Nuaimi, said: "We are pleased to enter into the MoU agreement with QLC to mark our co-operation on the use of QSurvey a research support tool for data collection, characterisation and analysis. We look forward to engaging in visits and knowledge-exchange with our new partner as we develop a framework of co-operation that enhances the collaborative use of the QSurvey search engine." 
"The MoU is a qualitative addition to the exchange of experience and best practice that defines our relationship with QLC as a key partner in the field of education. QLC facilitates the research of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and contributes to the advancement of the local education and training sector research capabilities." he added.
Highlighting the advantages of the QSurvey search engine, HE Dr al-Nuaimi, said: "The MoU promotes a national product with Arabic language integration, in addition to key areas of co-operation in scientific research, employment, workshops and joint courses. It thereby supports the overarching pillars of QNV2030 and plays a pivotal role in the development and future success of our educational framework."
"By developing the training and research skills of principals, teachers and students in Qatar, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education successfully contributes to human capital development through superior research capabilities. We thereby enable them to navigate the modern education framework in line with global sustainable development practices in a challenging international environment," he said, expressing his gratitude to QLC.
QSurvey is a highly versatile survey tool that allows organisations to securely draw on data in order to engage with the relevant stakeholders, complement projects and decision-making processes with accurate statistics, package respondent information easily for presentations, as well as export data to licensed enterprise IT systems. Researchers can rely on the tools secure data storage with native Arabic and English-language support and survey options. Furthermore, users can analyse and export data onto a system of their choice, making it uniquely practical across a broad range of IT operation systems, such as Excel, PDF, and SPSS. Notably, the tool provides private, public and government organisations with secure and flexible services to gather internal and external reporting information, and opens the pathway for free, unlimited creative research to users.
This MoU reflects the great importance of digital research capabilities in the fields of culture and science as part of QNV2030, especially as modern educational systems depend on the effective application of questionnaire tools to translate data into creative projects.
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