The British government may have given up on holding a third vote on the Brexit deal negotiated with the European Union in the parliament in coming weeks, according to one British lawmaker.

Whether there will be a third vote is based upon whether there seems to be a majority for it in the Commons, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said in an interview with Sky News on Sunday. ‘There will be no point in having a vote if we have no choice of winning,’ he said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans to present her Brexit deal to lawmakers for a third time in a few days. There is not yet a set date, though British media speculated it could be Tuesday.

Should parliament approve her deal by March 20, May will ask the European Union for an extension to the date Britain will leave, to the end of June, in order to push the necessary legislation through the parliament.

If no deal is approved, she will seek a longer extension, in which case the government would hold a series of indicative votes next month.

EU leaders will meet in Brussels on March 21 and 22, when it is expected they will decide on whether to accept a Brexit extension past March 29.