Qatar National Library (QNL), a member of the Qatar Foundation, has hosted the Fourth Association Forum for Library Professionals of the Library and Information Association in Qatar (LIA-Q).
The forum, which is organised by QNL in collaboration with the Library and Information Association in Qatar and the UCL (University College London) in Qatar, saw the participation of library and information specialists.
The importance of library services and practices management, its contributions to building a knowledge economy in Qatar, and leadership of change in the context of libraries and information were discussed.
Sohair Wastawy, executive director, QNL, said in a speech that QNL is leading a fundamental change in the role of national libraries and how they are emerging in their role and interaction with their public, noting that for a long period of time the role of national libraries was limited to managing national groups only, which resulted in the neglect of public services and the services of beneficiaries, and as a result of this failure, the role of libraries was very limited and national libraries were isolated from their general public, and thus benefiting from its valuable educational and cultural resources.
Wastawy added that when the library opened its doors to the public in November 2017, it set a goal: not only as a national library to preserve the cultural heritage of Qatar, but also to provide a broad environment in which all sectors of society in Qatar meet to learn, interact and develop skills and therefore QNL have redefined the role of the National Library, not only to preserve the nation's heritage and intellectual output for future generations but also to play an important vital role as a public cultural institution. 

The founding member of Library and Information Association in Qatar and Director of Research and Learning Services at QNL Abeer al-Kuwari, said that the mission of the association and its aim since its establishment has been to take care of library professionals, noting that the forum is an opportunity to gather specialists and exchange information and views for the development of this field.
Al-Kuwari explained that the segment of specialists in learning sources (school libraries) is the largest specialists in libraries in the State, and hence, the focus of the forum was on the role of school libraries in promoting learning, and many presentations were received, six of which were selected to be presented as posters to the public in the field of learning resources.
As for the association's cooperation with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), she pointed out that the association had previously participated in the Federation and one of the founding members was nominated to represent the Association in the most important committee in IFLA.
It is worth mentioning that the third Association Forum for Library Professionals was held under the theme: "Libraries in Qatar: Their Role in Support of Qatar National Vision 2030." 
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