Nama launches 'Be a Social Entrepreneur' campaign
March 09 2019 11:12 PM
Nama launches 'Be a Social Entrepreneur' campaign
Nama launches 'Be a Social Entrepreneur' campaign


The Social Development Centre - Nama - has launched the 'Be a Social Entrepreneur' campaign as part of its role to qualify the youth.

"The campaign is an awareness initiative with numerous goals that directly serve our society and qualify our youth to be more active and influential to those around them," Nama said in a press statement.

The campaign continues until March 21.

The 'Be a Social Entrepreneur' campaign, which targets both male and female youths aged 18-35 years, aims to increase youth awareness of the concept of social entrepreneurship, the means of realising socially beneficial development projects as well as harnessing the role of social entrepreneurship projects in achieving sustained development, the statement explains.

“We hereby launch the ‘Be a Social Entrepreneur’ campaign for the first time. It is an integrated, comprehensive campaign that comes to enhance the centre’s role in this area of qualifying and empowering our youth to interact more positively with their society,” Nawal al-Kaabi from Nama said.

She noted that the initiative is based on multiple pillars that support the achievement of its goals, with the campaign plan including beneficial visits to some State authorities that will directly contribute to educating the youth and increasing their awareness of social entrepreneurship so that they can contribute positively to the development and prosperity of the country.

The plan also includes awareness and promotional videos, along with a social media campaign conducted in co-operation with the youth centres and media office of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Al-Kaabi said the centre always aims to qualify the youth and enhance many of the beneficial concepts they possess, including social entrepreneurship, in order to work toward achieving its goals and vision that include investment in human capital and promising future generations. Nama also aims to create an aware generation that can find suitable solutions and alternatives, which will help them achieve a bright future.

Further, al-Kaabi said social entrepreneurship projects play an active role in achieving sustainable development in society through innovation in entrepreneurship, which calls for the consolidation of all the efforts from the various components of society. "That is where Nama’s keenness lies: on shedding light on the importance of active and effective social entrepreneurship to social awareness through introducing the centre’s programmes directed at the target group in various areas," the statement notes.

The centre has offered many programmes and projects that serve the youth, including the 'Sama Nama' initiative, which aims to develop youth capabilities and harness their creative energy through various activities aimed at stimulating competition among youth entrepreneurs to develop creative initiatives that suit the needs and causes of society, and working toward their realisation.

"The 'Be a Social Entrepreneur' campaign comes within the important role the Nama plays in qualifying the youth to play a positive role toward achieving Qatar National Vision 2030, according to the centre’s vision and in line with the mission and vision of the Qatar Social Work Foundation, which aims to serve the society and qualify its youth to lead the future and create the best path for future generations," the statement adds.

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