HBKU seminar highlights role of diplomats in foreign affairs
March 08 2019 10:37 PM
HBKU seminar
The event was attended by the ambassadors of Canada and South Africa.

The College of Law and Public Policy (CLPP) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) recently hosted a colloquium with ambassadors to Qatar that addressed 'International Law and Foreign Relations in a Turbulent World'. 
Susan L Karamanian, dean of CLPP, chaired a panel discussion with guest speakers Stefanie McCollum, ambassador of Canada and Faizel Moosa, ambassador of South Africa who is also a lawyer. Joining them on the panel was Dr Ilias Bantekas, professor of law, CLPP. 
Ambassadors McCollum and Moosa explored the nature of foreign policy decision-making in an increasingly unsettled world, while reflecting on the intricacies of diplomacy, including the qualities and skillsets required for the effective resolution of international disputes. Prof Bantekas put their remarks in a theoretical context by examining new ways of considering international law beyond the traditional state-centric approach. 
Commenting on the colloquium, dean Karamanian said: “CLPP was honoured to welcome ambassadors McCollum and Moosa, who engaged in an open dialogue on the key role of diplomats in informing international law and policies. Attendees obtained first-hand insights into the importance of dialogue in diplomacy, in particular, and the challenges of maintaining it when core values are at issue.” 
During the event, panelists recognised the foundational role of international law in foreign policy, and discussed how diplomats, lawyers, and foreign ministries represent sovereign states in specific areas, such as trade, access to resources and human rights.
HBKU’s CLPP offers a multidisciplinary graduate program that equips students with the skills to navigate complex civil law, common law and Shariah systems. The college's Juris Doctor programme is the first graduate law degree of its kind in the region. 
HBKU’s core mandate is to instil knowledge and nurture a conducive learning environment. In doing so, it regularly invites to campus thought leaders and experienced professionals in their relevant fields, according to a press statement.
The university offers 26 academic degrees, each addressing issues that are of utmost importance and relevance to Qatar, the region and the world.
For more information about CLPP and the college’s upcoming events, one can visit clpp.hbku.edu.qa.

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