Silatech aims to expand its outreach in 2019
March 03 2019 09:46 PM


Silatech aims in 2019, to expand its outreach to youth in countries with difficult economic conditions, especially in Africa, having created more than 1,100,000 jobs and employment opportunities for this category in the Arab world over the last ten years.
Silatech is a strategic partner of Qatar in its efforts to combat terrorism by reducing unemployment, poverty and marginalisation of young people and women by enabling them economically, after receiving a grant of 5mn euros from the European Union to implement youth employment projects in Yemen, in recognition of the strong performance and positive results of its work on societies.
In 2006, as a member in the High-Level Group and an ambassador in the UN Alliance of Civilizations, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser launched Silatech as an international non-profit and non-governmental development organisation that aims to connect young people with the jobs and resources needed to establish and develop their projects by offering innovative employment solutions in collaboration with partners locally, regionally and internationally with a particular focus on youth employment in countries affected by conflict, economically.
In ten years, Silatech has managed to provide more than 1,100,000 jobs or free jobs to young people in the Middle East and Africa.
These include 328,304 in Tunisia, 222,619 in Morocco, 406,417 in Sudan, 93,408 in Yemen, 38,007 in Somalia and 34,040 in Lebanon by the end of 2018.
In order to achieve its current and future plans, Silatech is collaborating with more than 300 regional and international partners at the level of governments and financial institutions in the countries in which it operates, major international organisations, EU, World Bank, UN and its agencies such as the International Labor Organisation, UN Counter-Terrorism Centre, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UN Women, UN Development Programme, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and other academic institutions as well as the private sector.
Silatech also provided a number of innovative electronic solutions and platforms to connect young people with jobs, including the electronic portal for training and employment, which provides more than 1,000 free training courses in various disciplines of life and professional skills in Arabic, English and French.
As well as a platform to provide professional guidance through psychological evaluations, a platform to link young entrepreneurs with private donors to finance their projects, a platform to connect craftsmen in Palestine with those who want their services, and mobile bank vehicles to deliver banking services to rural and remote areas.
As part of its work to promote the youth employment, Silatech has supported the establishment and rehabilitation of 272 employment and vocational guidance centers in several countries.
It also supported the training and rehabilitation of 984 professional trainers and counselors to provide career guidance for young people and contributed to the establishment of youth empowerment and unemployment control centers in several countries such as Bedaya in Qatar which provides youth support and guidance services to establish their own businesses and start their careers.
Other centres include one in Lebanon which is a social institution that combines the power of data and the impact of design and journalistic rigor to produce factual content about the economic and social challenges facing the Arab world.
Silatech also supports a research centre that conducts studies and research on issues of economic empowerment, employment and unemployment in the Arab world.
Silatech launched initiatives and programmes in 17 countries in the Middle East and Africa to reduce unemployment among young people, create jobs, alleviate their suffering and their families from the effects of war and conflict, empower them with technology and encourage community participation, awareness and guidance as an alternative to illegal immigration or joining militant groups.
Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Silatech and UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate, will participate at a high-level event hosted by Silatech and entitled "Empowering Youth, Transforming Societies," in Geneva, Switzerland Monday.
During the event, she will give a keynote address to reaffirm Silatech's commitments to youth empowerment, as well as announce ambitious future plans to create more employment opportunities and curb effects of rising unemployment among youth, including social unrest, illegal migration and extremism.
Prominent figures and decision makers from across the international community such as the UN, the EU, organisations concerned with social and economic development, influential figures from various sectors, including governmental and NGOs, financial institutions and the private sector will be attending.

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