Stress Less: Tips for a Life of Ease
February 27 2019 11:59 PM
stress relief
stress relief

By Erin Ralph

When we feel good inside, we radiate it out into the world through our presence, actions and attractions. Our moods determine our decisions determine our outcomes. This makes it imperative that you wake up and go about your day, every day, as intentionally wonderful as possible. It is your choice to level up through emotions, annoyances and difficult circumstances which may also be explained as guidance or lessons. Self-care and taking time for self is not at all selfish. On the contrary, it is one of the most beneficial practices you can do to play your role in humanity.

Pamper yourself:
Whatever this means to you. Take an extra hot shower, a nice relaxing bath, wear fabric that feels really good, sleep in, get a massage, dance around, surround yourself with flowers, play, ride a bicycle, walk and bring your body on adventures. These are all stimulants that make you feel more ‘in’ your body.

Tune out of technology:
Forget about your phone, TV or digital devices for as long as you can. Check out of whatever world is not occurring in your physical dimension.

Rediscover your childlike sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure:
It is often easier to manifest from a childlike openness. What did you love to do or play as a child? Can you find your curious innocence and bring it into the current moment?

Be present in the moment:
Allow your mind not to wander, to stay completely connected to what is going on in the moment. If you are walking down the street, do not think, just observe. The flowers, the scent in the area, friendly smiles, the texture of the path and the sun upon your face. Observe everything about that moment so fully that there is no room for you to think beyond it.

Check in with yourself:
Close your eyes and breathe. Full, vast, and rich breaths create the same life patterns. Ask yourself: How am I feeling? How is my posture? Where is my mind? Is my heart rate up (or down) for any reason? Smile. Encourage yourself along, express gratitude and be friendly and gentle to everyone including yourself. By setting and practising these new habits they will soon become without thought and you will start to operate in a far more cool and controlled manner. Much better for your body, mind and spirit!

Develop healthy boundaries:
Taking care of yourself includes keeping away what is not meant for you. Practise discernment to the negatives that provide contrast in shaping yourself more ideal circumstances. Hold strong in your boundaries. Filter what comes in to and through you, including the quality of your thoughts, actions or foods, your commitments or how you spend your time, or your sources of lifestyle and entertainment.
Eat well:
Food is our greatest energy source and keeps us operating on ideal levels. Ideally, you want to fill your tank premium fuel, such as eating unprocessed ‘clean’ and living foods that do not weigh you down or sit in your system for too long. Can you find alignment in the age-old sayings “you are what you eat” and “food as medicine”? Quality food is an investment into your mood, health, opportunities and lifespan.

Know your power:
Self-care is also about honouring your body’s natural abilities to heal and transform itself. For medical matters, when we feel our time or resources are limited or that our research is confused, we usually want to put our body’s healing into someone else’s hands. So often we give up on our own immunities and powers of regeneration. Cellular influence is important to be aware of, as many ailments are contributed to a disharmony of cells, where the ‘bad’ cells are having a greater influence over the ‘good’ cells. This is perpetuated by stress and fear. It is all about how you take care of yourself and how young you stay in spirit. Stay on a higher flow. Focus on matters of vitality, otherwise known as the spirit that comes through you. For some people, this comes at time of passion, expression or creativity or working with your hands, or with activities that make you feel the flow through your body without even trying. What are these for you? Similarly, you cannot achieve true beauty through external realms. It is the light, clarity and radiance that shines from within. Beauty shows up in the food you eat, in the decisions you make and on the compassion you have for yourself and others. Focus on your healing and clarity, take care of your body and your beauty and life-force will shine strong.

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