The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Wednesday announced the suspension of all commercial flights from Qatar to Pakistan.

The decision was made based on a Notice to Airmen (Notam) issued by Pakistan saying that its airspace is closed to commercial flights, the official Qatar News Agency reported.

In a statement, the authority said it would monitor the situation and take the necessary action in order to ensure the safety of passengers and aircraft.

Meanwhile, Qatar Airways said in a travel alert that "flights to and from Pakistan may be delayed".

"Airspace over all of Pakistan has been closed until further notice due to an escalation in India-Pakistan tensions," the national carrier said in the alert posted on its website. As a result, Qatar Airways flights to Peshawar, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Sialkot may be delayed or suspended until further notice.

"Flights to other destinations close to this region may experience delays as they divert around the closed airspace," the airline added.

Passengers travelling to and from Pakistan or other destinations in the immediate region have been advised to check the flight status information on the Qatar Airways website and update the following: check flight details on the Flight Status tab on the Qatar Airways homepage,; update their current contact details on the Manage Booking tab on the Qatar Airways homepage; if the flight booking was made through a travel agent, one should contact the agent to update their contact details and re-book tickets; if one has difficulty managing a booking, for assistance they can contact the Customer Care line at 4010 8932 or 4010 8938; if overseas, one can contact the nearest Qatar Airways office (; email the airline at [email protected]; and tweet or DM the airline at @qrsupport

Further updates will follow as information becomes available, the airline said.

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