A roughly 40-minute Lufthansa flight between the southern-German cities of Nuremberg and Munich was Friday criticized by a state lawmaker, who described it as an "absurdity." 

The flight, which at a distance of just 150 kilometres makes it the German airline's shortest flight in the country, departs four times daily.

"The inter-Bavarian Nuremberg to Munich flight is an environmental and economic absurdity and should be discontinued sooner rather than later," said Bavarian Greens lawmaker Eike Hallitzky. 

According to a Lufthansa spokeswoman, the route is not intended for customers who want to go shopping in Munich - the 45-minute train trip from the airport to the city centre makes that impractical - but rather for those who want to transfer to international flights. 

Hallitzky said that other transport options to Munich airport should be made more attractive, for example by including the cost of train or bus tickets in airfares.

"A few minutes of extra travel by rail connection to respect international climate goals should be worth it for Lufthansa," he said.