Qatar condemns Israel's repressive policies in Jerusalem
February 21 2019 01:11 AM
Ministry of foreign affairs


Qatar has strongly condemned the oppressive policies that the Israeli occupation forces continue to exercise in occupied Jerusalem and the holy Haram al-Sharif, the latest of which was the blatant assault on the sanctity of worshippers and the closing of the door of mercy.
In a statement Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that this step is part of a process initiated by the occupation forces for years, and aims to change the identity of the city of Jerusalem and the division of the holy shrine and the expropriation of the historic rights of the Palestinian people including Muslims and Christians, by forcefully imposing the status quo and terrorising weapons under the eyes of the international community.
The Israeli occupation forces and those who support them must realise that these violations are an affront to Islamic sanctity and the feelings of more than 1.5bn Muslims around the world.
"This is a feeling of superiority over norms and values that the civilized world has settled for decades", the statement said.
It said that the Israeli occupation state would not have persisted in its aggression and violations of human rights in worship, freedom of movement and a safe and dignified life "without the silence of many international and regional actors."
The statement called on the Palestinians to unite and to surpass their differences in order to assume their historical responsibility, and urged the international community to act to stop the Israeli violations.

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