Buraimi University graduates visit QIIB as part of study tour
February 20 2019 01:21 AM
Graduates from the the Omani University of Buraimi with al-Jamal, al-Musaifri and al-Meer among others at QIIB’s head office at Grand Hamad Street recently.

QIIB recently welcomed a group of graduates from the Omani University of Buraimi, who visited the bank as part of a tour, which also included a number of universities and institutions in the country. “The Omani graduates’ tour was arranged to help them gain an idea about the successful Qatari experience in benefiting from youth potential in various fields,” QIIB said yesterday.  
QIIB Deputy CEO, Jamal Abdullah al-Jamal met with the students, along with Ali Hamad al-Musaifri, head (HR and Public Services Department) and Omar Abdul Aziz al-Meer, head (Business Development) at the bank. Al-Jamal welcomed the Omani graduates and expressed his happiness about their visit and about the opportunity in sharing experiences with them as beloved brothers. 
He further stressed on the importance of the well-rooted fraternal relationships between the Qatari and the Omani people, and the role of different institutions, such as banks, universities and other centres of higher learning, in deepening the relationship through co-operation in various fields, exchange of visits, and sharing of experiences.
The deputy CEO presented an overview of QIIB since its establishment more than 25 years ago, its different development stages up to the current level, wherein, the bank has become “one of the most important destinations” for Islamic banking in Qatar and the region. 
He said, “The integral services offered by the bank to the different categories of customers, and its contribution to the Qatari economy by funding projects help in contributing to the nation’s development and self-sufficiency. This is now an important objective, which we are all seeking in light of the attempts being made by some neighbouring countries to impact our prosperity and the welfare of our people.”  
As part of the Buraimi graduates visit, an interactive session with QIIB executives was held. At this session, several matters related to bank jobs, linking universities to the job market, educational and professional experience and the relevant role in enriching the practical experience of new graduates were discussed threadbare. 
At the end of the visit, the graduates and their accompanying professors thanked QIIB for giving them the important opportunity to learn more about its valuable experience in Islamic banking. 
“The potential for growth and co-operation is unlimited with the great support of the leaders of both the fraternal countries,” QIIB said.

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