From a relatively moderate television host profile to making it big on television dramas, Anam Tanveer has traversed some distance. When something or someone is coined iconic, it’s a big deal. Which is why you need to pay attention to the game-changers. Meet Anam Tanveer, a trailblazer who is leaving her mark on the world, for good. She is a young woman dominating our television screens these days – ready and waiting to seize the next-big-thing crown. I wanted to know what this young woman is all about. What I discovered was humility, love for her craft and aspirations to create change with her acting prowess. Anam Tanveer is only in her mid-twenties and yet her attitude towards life and her approach to her work makes her seem as wise as a 100-year-old Buddha. 
Since making her first screen appearance as a television co-host on Dum Dum Dee Dee, kids show on Pakistan Television (PTV), Pakistani television network owned by Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Anam has gone and done a lot in the Pakistan entertainment industry. Over to her… “I always wanted to be a model, but my mother didn’t approve of it. However, being a host on a political channel was still acceptable. So I hosted one of the political shows and that’s where I met Khaled Anum, veteran actor. He offered me to co-host Dum Dum Dee Dee and after that, offers for drama serials started pouring in,” recalls Anam. “I signed a drama serial without even telling my family. I told my mother that I’m shooting a play when I had completed the first spell of shoot. She was against it initially, but when my family saw my performance on television, they just realised my talent and hard work and went on to support me. They trust me.”
Anam started off her acting career with cameo in Mere Dard Ko Zubaan Milay (2012) on premier entertainment channel HUM TV and then paved her way to the lead roles where entire drama serial and script seems to revolve around this young gal. How has the journey been? She says, “Everyone in their mind wants to be the lead actor. But, during my entire time in Pakistan entertainment industry – I’ve only realised one thing, lead is there but if you’re a good actor, no matter what your role be, you’re going to create a mark. It’s the character and the role that matters. No matter how big or small your role is, if it’s substantial enough to bring the right flavour to the script then that’s all that matters. I realised it a little too late but now I just enjoy being an actor rather then just looking out if it’s a lead or not.”
Although Anam was never a slimmed-down figure, but over the period of half a decade, we’ve seen her working out for her slender new frame. Talking about the body-size standards set in Pakistan media industry, she comments, “Unfortunately there’s a standard set that you need to be skinny to do well on-screen. I don’t agree with it. One should only be skinny enough that suits him/her, maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the same time. I think you should have a curvy body because nothing’s more attractive than that but at the same I do not mean chubby,” she adds, “Healthy curvy! When producers and directors can’t say no to you directly they just make excuses and asks you to reduce weight. Looking back at our very own industry veterans like Sana Fakhar and Reema Khan, they were never skinny. They’ve always been curvy and they were huge stars in their times. So body size doesn’t matter. It’s your work and art that’s important.”
Pakistani drama audience goers are used to watching glamorous and often scantily clad women on screen, almost always playing damsels in distress or love interests torn between family duty and following their heart. Anam talks about the dire need of changing this trend and presenting more substantial roles for the audiences. She says, “Unfortunately in our industry only damsel in distress kind of roles are preferred by the audience. I think this trend should be changed. We just pick one topic and start creating content around it unless there’s a saturation point. We should address real problems of society in our dramas and try to create an awareness.”
Talking about her forthcoming projects, Anam reveals, “I’ve recently signed a film of horror genre and I’m the lead. I’m playing a bold reporter who’s a very tom boy sort of girl and that’s pretty much I can reveal as of now. Till it goes on-floor. I’m super excited. The script is amazing. I’ve been getting offers for films before but I always wanted something to be substantial.”