Thundery rain is expected in offshore areas on Sunday along with strong winds and high seas, the Qatar Met department has said.

The weather office has also said there is a chance of scattered rain in some inshore areas on Sunday, a day after some showers were reported from the northern parts of the country.

The Met department had recently said in a report that “unsettled weather conditions” were expected to affect the country from Saturday evening until Tuesday evening “due to the passage of an upper-level low-pressure system”.

Light to moderate rain has been forecast during this period, becoming heavy and thundery at times – especially on Monday and Tuesday. These conditions will be accompanied by strong winds, which will result in rising dust and low visibility.

The department had also issued a warning for offshore areas during this period, and advised people to avoid going to sea.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s detailed forecast says the wind speed may go up to 25 knots during thundershowers in offshore areas, with the sea level rising to 8ft.

Cloudy conditions will prevail in these areas and there is a possibility of scattered rain on Sunday, which may turn thundery at times, the report states.

On the other hand, mild daytime and partly cloudy conditions are likely inshore, and there is a chance of scattered rain, too, in some places. It will be relatively cold by night.

The minimum temperature increased at a number of places on Saturday as compared to Friday, and a further rise is likely in some places on Sunday.

For instance, the minimum went up from 9C on Friday to 15C on Saturday in Ghuwairiyah, from 9C to 14C in Al Sheehaniya, from 11C to 16C in Mesaieed, from 10C to 15C in Al Khor, Karana and Shehaimiya, from 11C to 15C in Dukhan, from 10C to 14C in Batna, from 10C to 13C in Abu Samra, and from 14C to 17C in Ruwais. In Doha, the rise was from 15C on Friday to 17C on Saturday.

Sunday, the minimum temperature is expected to be 20C in Doha, 19C in Mesaieed, Ruwais and Wakrah, 18C in Al Khor and Dukhan, and 15C in Abu Samra.

The maximum, on the other hand, will be 30C in Abu Samra and 25C in Doha.