In pursuit of offering the best-in-class financial courses to Qatari executives and new age professionals, Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), has announced the launch of a national development solution for employees who have been on the job for up to three years.
Known as ‘Generation 2030’, the programme will help professionals master the latest trends and challenges in the financial sector and thereby allow them to further hone their skills. The training modules will be spread over four to six months, with coaching and mentoring in between. 
QFBA CEO Dr Khalid al-Horr said, “The ‘Generation 2030’ programme has been launched after identifying the needs within the economy in general and the specific needs of the relevant organisations to design a product that they deem fit for their organizational growth. The aim of this programme is to prepare our future generations for the utmost uncertain environs and that’s exactly our programme plans to achieve.”
He added: “With the launch of the new programme, we are opening a world of unique opportunities for young generations of Qataris to boost their knowledge, potential and skills, especially in the areas of finance, accounting and banking, and help them claim prominent positions in the financial and economic sectors in the country, as well as lead the development process, thereby contributing to the achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030.”
‘Generation 2030’ is supported by selected certified trainers who are on board to equip the participants with all knowledge requirements. QFBA’s latest launch translates the academy’s commitment to deliver the best to the Qatari market in line with the nation’s direction in investing in the human capital.
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