The Ministry of Interior (MoI) organized a training course on the skills of the distinguished employee at the Officers' club in the General Directorate of Civil Defense. The course aims to train and qualify MoI's employees with special needs.

The five-day course was attended by 80 male and female employees with special needs working in various departments of the ministry.

The course includes a number of programs, activities and forums that benefit MoI's staff from this important segment of society. The course comes in cooperation between the office of people with special needs and Qatar Deaf Center, which translates the lectures to sign language.

Also, Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) cooperates in this course by organizing a visit to the club to learn about its programs, activities and workshops. The visit, which comes on the last day of the course, aims to provide the opportunity for the staff wishing to participate in QSC programs.

Lecturer Rawda Al Qubaisi said that the distinguished employee skills course was designed to suit people with special needs who suffer from hearing, visual and mental disabilities. She pointed out that the course has two main objectives, which are to identify the most important differences in professional leadership, gain skills of persuasion and tools applicable to professional life.

Al Qubaisi explained that the course will include some explanatory videos and practical activities that enrich theoretical information and make it more applicable. She added that among the new professional skills to be dealt with in the course are the skills of the patterns that ensure the continuation of the happiness and freshness of the staff. She noted that the biggest challenge in this course is the participants' acceptance of the new pattern of training. (QNA)

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