Qatar Chamber’s Registration and Membership Committee has recently held a meeting to discuss ways on how to update its members’ database, the chamber said in a statement Saturday.
Qatar Chamber second vice chairman Rashid bin Hamad al-Athba, who is also committee chairman, presided over the meeting, which discussed registration of non-private sector institutions, classification of the chamber’s sectorial activities, and a questionnaire on member’s feedback.
During the meeting, the committee acknowledged the need to coordinate with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to make it mandatory for all companies to update their data when renewing their commercial registration with the ministry. The committee also agreed that the updating of data should be in accordance with the form prepared by Qatar Chamber’s Member Affairs Department.
The committee discussed the registration of non-private sector institutions wanting to benefit from the chamber’s services. It also agreed to prepare a legal form that clarifies the rules, regulations, and conditions for non-private sector entities willing to join the chamber. The form will then be presented to the chamber’s board of directors, the committee added.
The committee also addressed the issue of classifying and unifying the names of the chamber’s sectorial activities. It agreed to align the chamber’s fees with the fees classified by the ministry, and to form a committee composed of the chamber’s directors, who will lead the classification process.
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