A World Like Never Before
January 14 2019 09:26 PM
NEW CAMPAIGN: Akbar al-Baker, Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, speaking at the launch of the airline’s new Hollywood-style cinematic campaign. Photos by Ram Chand

By Mudassir Raja

Qatar Airways has started the year with the launch of its biggest and most cinematic brand campaign to date- A World Like Never Before. Inspired by Hollywood and produced by some of the movie industry’s most talented creative minds, the short commercial film takes passengers on a magical journey to a fantasy world that will capture their hearts and imagination.
The airline had an exclusive premier of its new commercial for the media and prominent figures in the VIP theatre of Novo Cinema at Souq Waqif on Sunday night. Senior management of Qatar Airways, ambassadors, and media persons were present on the occasion in large numbers.
Before the launch, the staff of the airline presented different performances such as tango dance to enthral the gathering. 
The campaign, which will be launched globally on 17 January 2019, shows how flying with Qatar Airways transforms the entire experience of travel – and turns the familiar into something truly magical. Everything that Qatar Airways passengers see and do becomes an experience like never before.
The charming and visually stunning film is the centre piece of the new global campaign. The film portrays one family’s journey with Qatar Airways. The fairy-tale voyage takes them from their flight through the romantic streets of Paris, to the vibrant ice-rink and parades of New York City, the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, the comfort and serenity of the airline’s A380 lounge and the compelling mix of tradition and modernity of Doha – before the family finally return to their QSuite flat-bed – and then drift off to sleep in award-winning comfort.
Speaking on the occasion, Akbar al-Baker, Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, said: “We are very happy to have you here tonight for a sneak preview of our new Hollywood-inspired commercial before it goes live across the world. I hope you are as excited by the film as I am and I think you will agree that it is a change of direction for Qatar Airways as a brand. This new campaign is fresh, enticing, appealing, and visible and its visually creative content is inspiring travellers to take a journey with us and experience the world like never before.
“We invited you here to enjoy the film in the cinema environment to give a true reflection of the values behind the commercial which has been created by some of Hollywood’s most talented and creative minds. Ben Scott, who directed the film, worked closely with the team who have collaborated on movies such as Gladiator and Star Wars to produce this sensational campaign which I truly believe is worthy of an Oscar. The breath and scale of this movie is unfrequented for Qatar Airways and has brought together people all across the globe to achieve the final cut. Of course, bringing people together is what we do best as an airline and this film is no exception to that role.
“This time we brought together a British director, a Dutch production company agency as well as actors and actresses of many nationalities to shoot this film in Europe. Today, we are here in Qatar to showcase the film in front of a global audience including our guests who have flown in specially for the occasion. Once again, we are going together into a world that we have never ventured to before.
“With this movie, Qatar Airways has taken the initiative when it comes to innovation. As an airline, we are always pushing boundaries and always looking to enhance and change the way our passengers fly. The new campaign is very deliberately entitled ‘like never before’ because it drives home an important message. This is when you fly with us, particularly in a product like QSuites. It can change the way you see the world when you arrive at your destination. We purposely chose an ordinary family to star in the film not as a celebrity, not as a personality just as a normal family who like millions of our passengers are their dreams come true by travelling to new and exciting places. Our ultimate goal was to create a Hollywood style film that would not look out of place on the big screen. I believe we have achieved our dream. I hope that the film will inspire the passengers all over the world to fulfil theirs. I am extremely proud to introduce to you the new Qatar Airways vision of the world in a way that it has never been seen before.”
Fatma al-Remaihi, Chief Executive Officer of Doha Film Institute, said: “In my role, I am very lucky to be able to watch films from all over the world year round. So, when I heard that Qatar Airways has produced a new brand film inspired by Hollywood and created by a full movie production team, I was intrigued to find more. I had very high expectations. But nothing could have prepared me for what I have seen that this campaign is fully and truly one of a kind. The quality and the vision is far beyond what you expect from a short TV commercial and honestly I was left wanting more. I felt immediately connected to the family on their journey and I was disappointed when the commercial ended and we could not follow their adventure for longer in Qatar Airways land. The detailed photography cinematography draws the view into a fantasy world. I would like to congratulate the team of Qatar Airways for not only helping us discover the places and cultures but also for this enchanting commercial that makes flying even more special.”
Salam al-Shawa, Qatar Airways Senior Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications, said: “A World Like Never Before was conceived and created by 180 Kingsday – Qatar Airways’ agency of record – and produced by iconic London production company, RSA Films (Ridley Scott Associates).
In message shared by the organisers, Director Ben Scott of RSA Films said: “Qatar Airways have been extremely bold in giving me the freedom to make this film. It takes its cue from the period of first-class travel, by using the craft and technique from the golden days of the Hollywood musical. We have created a fantastical journey around the world. Something I hope feels like a dream come true.”

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