First solar eclipse of 2019 this Sunday
January 04 2019 08:36 PM
Solar Eclipse
A solar eclipse

The first solar eclipse of this year will be occur Sunday, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced in a statement.
“Though the partial eclipse will not be visible from Qatar, the phenomenon could be watched through a live broadcast from the Nasa website or on Nasa's YouTube channel,” explained astronomer expert Dr Beshir Marzouk. 
The partial solar eclipse will start at 2.34am Doha time, peak at 4.41am and end at 6.49am.
“The moon will hide approximately 71.5% percent of full solar disc at the peak of the partial solar eclipse,” Dr Marzouk said.
There are three solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses this year, and the transit of Mercury will occur in November 2019. 
There are four types of solar eclipse: total, partial, annular and hybrid. During eclipses the sun is to viewed only through special glasses or filters whereas the moon can be viewed directly during lunar eclipses.
“Solar and lunar eclipses are important phenomena because they are validate astronomical calculations. If solar eclipses happen before first of the Hijric month (before new crescent), lunar eclipse happens at the middle of the Hijric month (at full moon phase),” Dr Marzouk added.

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