Qatar Visa Centre inaugurated in Karachi
December 29 2018 09:15 PM
Dignitaries from Qatar and Pakistan inaugurating the Qatar Visa Centre.
Dignitaries from Qatar and Pakistan inaugurating the Qatar Visa Centre.

The government of Qatar opened on Saturday the second Qatar Visa Centre in Karachi, Pakistan in the presence of dignitaries and VIP guests. 
The inaugural ceremony was attended Mishal Mohamed A A al-Ansari, Qatar’s consul general in Pakistan; Major General Abdullah Salim al-Ali; Brigadier Abdullah Ali al-Muhannadi, director of Expat Affairs Department at Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MoI); Major Abdullah Khalifa al-Mohannadi, director of the MoI’s Visa Support Services Department; and Mohamed Ali al-Meer, labour expert at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.

Tour of the new facility

View of the centre's reception area

Awarding of token of recognition highlights the inauguration ceremony

The event was also attended by Pakistani government officials, including Nawab Mohamed Taimur Talpur, Minister for Information Technology, Environment and Coastal Development; and Sindh Minister for Women Development Syeda Shehla Raza, along with a group of officials and businessmen from Pakistan.
Work visa applicants migrating to the state of Qatar will be required to sign work contracts, enroll their biometrics data, and undergo medical test at the Qatar Visa Centre. The centre operates through an integrated electronic system to complete the enrolment of biometric data and required medical check-ups.
Work visa applicants must accomplish the following process: Get a visa reference number from the MoI in the state of Qatar; book an appointment at; visit Qatar Visa Centre on the appointment date no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled time; 
At the reception, the identity of the visa applicant is verified, the list of required documents checked, and a token issued; once the token is called, visa applicants are required to digitally sign their work contract, enroll biometric data, and undergo the required medical tests; and 
Upon completion of the process, visa applicants will be able to track the status of the application online or through their employer in the state of Qatar.
Al-Ansari said, “The state of Qatar has decided to establish Qatar Visa Centre in eight countries to simplify visa procedures for expatriate workers…Pakistan has been selected as one of the first eight countries for establishment of such centres in the cities of Islamabad and Karachi.” 
Al-Mohannadi said all medical examinations and signing of employment contracts for expatriates will be completed in their countries before coming to Qatar. The services in these centres include fingerprinting for the expatriate worker, registration of vital data, conducting medical examinations, and signing of a contract of employment.
Located at Ground Floor, 37-B / Block 6 Main Shahra-e-Faisal – PECHS, Karachi, the visa centre is equipped with state-of-the art biometric enrolment and medical test facility. The visa centre operates from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. 
Some of the key medical tests to be conducted at the centre includes blood tests, x-ray, visual assessments, and physical examinations. 
Qatar Visa Centre maintains robust multi-lingual information services for the benefit of visa applicants across multiple touch points. Information on appointment scheduling, requirements, and steps at the visa centre can be found in English, Urdu, and Arabic at, call centre helpline +920 51 843 938 4, or at [email protected] and at the reception.

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