The foundation programme, under the Deanship of General Studies in co-operation with the Professional Services Center of Qatar University (QU), organised the second edition of the skills programme required for future professions. The event aims to create a realistic professional environment for students that allows them to practise English without any assessment pressures to promote the idea of learning about various skills related to the labour market as well as preparing them for personal interviews when looking for work.
Approximately 402 students from the English language course are participating in this event, which is presented by the foundation programme as part of the general requirements course series. Fourteen specialists from various sectors of the country were invited and the participants were Nakilat, Boeing, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) and ExxonMobil, as well as a number of faculty members and employees.
Director of the foundation programme at QU, Dr Hezam al-Awah, said that this programme is important and has a major role in activating and strengthening the co-operation between QU and the society in its various vital sectors, which enriches the community participation. This is a goal of the strategy of Qatar 2018-2022 to achieve the common benefit of the university and the community. 
It is noteworthy that this event allows students enrolled in the foundation programme to experience the personal interviews, where those questions varied as they were about the qualifications, experience, skills and personal characteristics required in each job. And the experience of the students was enriched with the experiences of personal experts that contributed positively to the excitement to learn in general and to excel in English in specific. These interviews lasted until noon and the programme concluded with a tribute to the participants and the taking of the commemorative photographs.
The purpose of the foundation programme is to prepare students to succeed in their academic journey at QU by providing them with English language and mathematics skills that they need in different scientific disciplines. — QNA

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