A Sudanese doctors association on Sunday declared that they would begin an indefinite strike in solidarity with protesters who are demonstrating over rising bread and fuel prices.
Doctors would stop working Monday and only make an exception for emergencies, the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) said.
"The moral duty of all people of conscience is to reject violence and we have seen with our eyes in hospitals how live bullets were used in the streets and the killing of unarmed people," the statement said.
At least nine people have died since protests began last week in eastern cities after price hikes that saw the cost of a loaf of bread triple.
The protests have since spread to other parts of the country.
The Sudanese government declared a state of emergency on Wednesday in two eastern provinces due to the ongoing protests.
The oil-rich country's economy was negatively affected when it split with South Sudan in 2011.
Due to high inflation, many lost their buying power.
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