Katara – the Cultural Village will launch the African Festival in early 2019, featuring an array of cultural activities and folkloric shows, it was announced.
The event is being organised in co-operation with the Moroccan embassy which heads all African diplomatic missions in Doha, and under the patronage of Moroccan ambassador Nabil Zneiber.
In a press statement, Katara, in its efforts to bridge between nations and cultures, said residents and visitors will have the opportunity to witness numerous activities and folkloric shows from 20 African countries.
“Through our mission to introduce more cultures and link nations around the world, we think this festival will be very effective to introduce the rich African culture which had a great impact on human civilisation”, Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said.
Katara organised the first African Festival in 2013 which was participated by 15 African countries – an event that saw “great success”.

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