The ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Qatar, Metasebia Tadesse Woldegiorgis, has affirmed that Qatar has accomplished great achievements in many fields, locally and internationally. “Qatar registered incremental and magnificent diplomatic, economic, and political achievements, and its economy is prospering fast.”

In statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), on the occasion of Qatar National Day, he said that Qatar has been registering sustainable progress in all economic sectors. “The country has been focusing on diversifying its domestic economic sectors from time to time. The economy is moving to be dependable, resilient and self-reliant based on solid foundation of its domestic resources and products.”

He congratulated His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Father Amir, as well as the people of Qatar on this especial and important day.

He praised Qatar's keenness and its firm commitment to develop its national products using its own natural resources. “Qatar has started to register remarkable results in the fields of science, technology and innovations.”

He said that Qatar is one of the few safest, secure, stable and crime-free countries on earth. “Expatriates from all over the world live in Qatar with full freedom and safety, and there is no security threat in the Qatar, pointing to the educational and living standards of Qatari citizens.”

The ambassador said that Qatar has expressed its principled position in peaceful resolution of disagreements through negotiation and discussions. “Both, regionally and globally, Qatar has been playing a significant role for the maintenance of collective peace and security. As a law abiding and peaceful country, it is not surprising if Qatar insists on peaceful resolution of problems.”

He said: "I view Qatar's consistence and persistence on peaceful resolution of problems and tension between states as a symbol of greatness as a state, its full confidence on regional and international legal instruments, treaties and agreements, its commitment to ensure peace and security of the world and the region. It is a sign of civility and modernisation. Only civilised country and society believes in negotiation, insists on peaceful resolution of problems."

HE added that the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Qatar have become more promising and stronger, and grows continuously, and the people to people tie is becoming stronger overtime. The strong and unwavering cooperation and collaboration between the two sisterly countries has clearly and widely been proven by the officials state visit.

He said that the relations are at an excellent level, particularly after the visit of the HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Ethiopia and the State visit by Ethiopia's former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to Qatar in 2017. The visits have prompted further enhancement of the relations between the two countries. Ethiopia and Qatar have signed different agreements in political, economic and social areas. The two countries have agreed to have closer political consultations on bilateral, regional and international issues of mutual concern. Both countries also share common views on the promotion of peace and stability and have similar perspectives on various regional and international issues.

Both countries have agreed to further promote relations in investment and trade. Some companies from Qatar have already shown interest in investing in Ethiopia's agriculture, hospitality and health sectors. As per the agreements, Qatar and Ethiopia will cooperate in the establishment of, among others, specialized hospital, five-star hotels, postgraduate specialization programmes as well as exchange of experiences in various fields. Yet, we do believe that there are ample opportunities for further cooperation and ties between the two sisterly countries.

HE Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia believes that celebrating the National Day has extra-ordinary importance for countries. By celebrating their National Days, countries demonstrate their identity, independence, sovereignty and unity among their people. Celebrating National Day creates an opportunity to promote and show the history, culture, values, and success achievements of the country to the world.

Locally, celebrating National Day enhances unity and commitment of the citizens to stand together for their countrys growth and prosperity. It helps countries preserve its unique character and traditional heritage. Above all, it fosters feelings of nationhood and patriotism among the people of the country. (QNA)

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