Supreme Court to enforce ‘decent’ dress code for staffers
December 16 2018 12:01 AM
Bersamin: strict dress code

By Jomar Canlas/Manila Times

The Supreme Court is set to enforce a stricter dress code as Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin ordered a “no minis, no t-shirt” policy for all court officials and employees nationwide.
Bersamin gave the directive during his visit at the Quezon City Hall of Justice where he began his judicial career in November 1986 at the age of 37 and where he served for almost 17 years.
In his speech before Quezon City judges and police, Bersamin appealed to all court officials and employees to wear decent and presentable clothes.
“It is high time to bring back the image of the judiciary that is well respected and conscious of its place in the society,” Bersamin said. The chief justice said this would be the start of his house cleaning, aside from the main target of weeding out erring and corrupt judges and court employees.
He said that wearing shorts and round neck t-shirts would no longer be allowed, and wearing miniskirts, particularly “microminis,” would be strongly discouraged. “For the male employee of the judiciary, your shirts should have collar. No loud colours please,” he said.
Women, Bersamin said should wear clothes with sleeves. If ever they would wear sleeveless clothes, it must be accompanied with coat or blazers to be more respectable.
“I appeal to you. No more t-shirts. If you are female, and are wearing collarless shirt, please wear blazer (over it). This is a small thing I am asking of you. Next 10 months please do it for my sake,” Bersamin said.
Bersamin will serve for 11 months as he is due for retirement in October 2019.
During his first flag ceremony upon assumption last November to the highest post in the judiciary, Bersamin had asked all court employees to stop using cellular phones in public places.
He renewed his directive and call for the regulated use of cellular phones of court officials and employees.
“If you were in the public areas of the court, in the corridors, the lobbies, the elevators do not be caught using your cellphones. If ever the cellphone rings and you are to answer, please go inside the room and conceal yourself from the public and respond to the cellphone. Do not shout within public areas because I do not want to hear people say that court officials and employees are maleducated or uncouth,” Bersamin said.

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