Qatari diplomacy ‘achieves significant successes for UN’
December 15 2018 12:37 AM
HE Dr Ahmed bin Hassan al-Hammadi
HE Dr Ahmed bin Hassan al-Hammadi


HE Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Ahmed bin Hassan al-Hammadi stressed the role of Qatari diplomacy in the success of the objectives and principles of the United Nations in maintaining international peace and security.
Speaking during Qatar’s celebration of the United Nations Day, which was held at the Qatar National Library on Thursday evening, His Excellency said that during the past few decades, Qatari diplomacy has achieved significant successes that promoted the prestigious position of the Qatari foreign policy which seeks peaceful coexistence and establishing security and stability in the world.
The State of Qatar has worked hard to consecrate a new pattern of international relations at the regional and international levels based on dialogue and the peaceful resolution of disputes.
Qatar has also proved its worth and ability to make essential and successful roles in international politics for the maintenance of international peace and security, and promoting peace and development in the world.
The secretary-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Qatar will soon open the “United Nations House” in Doha, which includes representative offices of a number of UN organs, reflecting positively on their ability to implement activities and regional and global programmes, adding that this comes within the framework of Qatar to provide the necessary facilities to host the UN offices and missions and other international organisations, and provide the necessary requirements to enable them to exercise their functions and activities to the fullest.
Dr al-Hammadi stressed Qatar’s keenness to provide the necessary forms of humanitarian support with full impartiality and without any bias or discrimination and on the basis of purely humanitarian motives away from any political purposes in order to preserve human dignity, alleviate poverty, respond immediately, provide emergency relief to address disasters and crises, alleviate the suffering of victims and encounter extremism and terrorism, while seeking to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
He pointed out in this regard that Qatar is first among all Arab countries in supporting UN humanitarian organisations, and is the most prominent among the countries in the world to provide support to humanitarian and relief organisations.
He added that Qatar played a pivotal role in solving many of the thorny international issues and easing tensions in international relations, most importantly through mediation to resolve many disputes peacefully, promote dialogue and understanding at the international level, support various human rights issues and provide various forms of humanitarian support and development assistance, stressing that Qatar is keen to provide support and financial contributions and to have several partnerships with the UN and international organisations to enable them to carry out their responsibilities and achieve the objectives for which they were established, as well as to contribute to the financing of UN peacekeeping operations.
Dr al-Hammadi said that Qatar initiated voluntary contributions to several UN funds and programmes aimed at eradicating hunger, reducing poverty, promoting education and responding to end disasters and crises, stressing that Qatar will continue to be an active member of the international community to establish peace and achieve security and stability in the world.
He underlined that Qatar hosted a number of UN conferences, meetings and major international events related to human rights, environment, development, trade, national partnerships and combating corruption, based on its firm belief in the need to achieve peace and stability regionally and internationally, a matter which confirms the leading international role played by Qatar and the status it enjoyed internationally in recognition of this role that aims to promote a culture of coexistence, peace and justice among different peoples, races and religions, and promote dialogue and good governance.
Qatar is constantly seeking a constructive and effective policy in the field of protecting and promoting human rights, consolidating the principles of the rule of law and good governance and defending the values of freedom and popular participation in all international and regional forums through well-established political principles and intensive diplomatic activity that reflects the genuine interest of the state in consolidating and disseminating the culture and values of human rights.

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