QC’s interactive pavilion at Darb Al Saai
December 13 2018 10:25 PM
Glimpses of the QC pavilion at Darb Al Saai
Glimpses of the QC pavilion at Darb Al Saai


Qatar Charity (QC) has said it is participating in the National Day celebrations and events at Darb Al Saai with the support and under the supervision the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities.

The participation comes with the aim of introducing Qatari humanitarian efforts and development programmes, implemented around the world, to those visiting QC’s “unique interactive” pavilion at Darb Al Saai, Qatar Charity has said in a statement.

QC’s pavilion conveys pictures of the diverse human suffering to visitors, and also features a number of activities that promote the values of volunteering and giving to keep them in the minds of generations as a part of their national identity, the statement notes.

The interactive experience starts once a visitor enters QC’s pavilion, where there are eight interactive sections. Through each section, the visitor can listen to a different human story, narrated by the person who went through this human experience. Each story is told using videos and realistic objects that accurately simulate what exists in the humanitarian areas around the world.

At QC’s pavilion, the visitor also comes to know about the charity’s impact on the vulnerable across the globe. Each section also shows figures and statistics on QC’s activities in the fields of health, education, water, food and social welfare.

On this occasion, Qatar Charity has urged the public to visit its pavilion, which will provide them with an opportunity to see the humanitarian work and know about the suffering of displaced people, refugees and people in dire need, and the difference made in the lives of beneficiaries through charity work.

The events and activities associated with QC’s pavilion have been organised, whether on the main stage or in the surrounding corners, to promote a sense of belonging to Qatar in an attractive way through games, competitions and drawing, the statement adds. This is an opportunity for both adults and young people to learn about the Qatari heritage and voluntary and relief work.

Despite the significant growth in charitable projects carried out by Qatar Charity worldwide, benefiting millions of the needy, the increasing number of refugees, displaced people and the poor make it necessary to convey pictures of this human suffering to benefactors in Qatar.

There are many corners for children at the pavilion. Through the Promising Relief Corner, children and young people will learn about the relief needs of the affected people, then collect and put support in a box to be delivered through virtual route to the needy.

Qatar Cubs Corner is to strengthen the sense of patriotism and doing good in children through drawing and colouring, while the Goodwill Ambassadors Corner will seek to establish national symbols in minds of the children.

QC’s events include competitions and games in addition to many activities for children.

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