Nepal installs cameras to catch child-killing leopard
December 05 2018 10:42 AM
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Wildlife experts in central Nepal have installed camera traps to capture the movements of a wild leopard after it killed two children in two weeks, an official said Wednesday.
"We have installed four camera traps in the forest near the village where a leopard killed two children," said Kedar Baral, forest officer of Tanahun district.
In mid-November, a wild leopard killed a four-year-old girl who was playing outside her home in the village of Bhanu.
The leopard is believed to have also killed a 10-year-old boy in the same village on Saturday.
Baral said a team of 100 people including police officers, rangers and local hunters had been deployed in the forest to capture the animal.
"They are carrying dart guns to tranquilize the animal. We want to capture it alive," he said.
Officials have also warned locals not to venture outside their home alone and to keep an eye on children.
Deadly encounters between wildlife and humans occur routinely in Nepal, with experts attributing it to deforestation and lack of prey.

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