Making a film or drama serial that has substantial content rather than designer costumes or shooting in exotic locations abroad has far been realised by Pakistani entertainment industry. Established production houses are ready to back you if you have an intelligent script, even if the budget isn’t sky-high. Not just in Pakistan, but worldwide such short budget films have been launching careers with extremely limited resources. Can someone recall Pakistani feature film Siyaah (2013) that proved to be a launching pad for Hareem Farooq? Well now we have all our eyes on upcoming film Pinky Memsaab (Memsaab is a title for a woman in a position of authority) as it introduces Pakistan’s very own super model Kiran Malik as the protagonist in the film.
With former Pakistani models-turned-actresses like Nadia Hussain, Zyalay Sirhadi, Jiya Ali and the likes of Sadaf Kanwal most recently as a proof, the leap from the runway to the big screen isn’t anything new. And in fact, it’s getting easier for runway charmers every year. And while nowadays the concept of models trying for longevity (or at least longer careers) through turns on the silver screen is in place, it seems that the path from the runway to the big screen is shorter than ever. The career opportunities begin to dwindle once the model reaches a certain age. Perhaps, this is why those who wish to continue working, jump ship to related fields. 
If you have what it takes, no one can take it from you – and if you unfortunately don’t, no one can put it on you. It’s the talent that matters. Another such name from Pakistan fashion industry that is all set to make her mark on the silver screen is Kiran Malik. Kiran is all overwrought as her upcoming film, Pinky Memsaab releases on December 7 in Pakistan. 
Pinky Memsaab highlights the hustle and bustle of life in the modern age and how people struggle to achieve big and lead a peaceful life, as an expatriate, at the same time. It is an international hybrid, directed by a Pakistani filmmaker, Shazia Ali Khan, with a Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Indian crew, starring both Pakistani and Indian actors.
Kiran Malik stars as Mehr in the film as she essays the role of a writer, based in Middle East. Married to Adnan Jaffar, who plays the role of a banker; however, Mehr have her own insecurities and weaknesses. “Mehr is a socialite who is struggling with her life because she used to be a writer and now she’s married to a banker and her life has totally changed. She is not writer anymore but she wants to write. How she struggles and finds her way into being what she used to be is what it’s all about,” tells Kiran.
It has been fourteen years since Kiran has been setting the runway on fire with her fierce eyes and a 100 watt smile. What’s changed in the Pakistan modelling industry? “When we used to model we never used to get big cheques but now models are lucky. Other than that, when we started modelling it was very difficult to convince our parents that it’s not a bad profession. So it’s so nice to see now that things have changed and tables have turned.” says Malik. 
There are many models, not just in Pakistan, but worldwide who have made a successful transition from modelling to acting, including Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lawrence to name a few. However, for Kiran it was just something that came along the way. She says, “I never thought I’ll be acting. But, when I started acting, I loved every bit of it. I was never camera shy but acting and modelling are two totally different things.”
Not just one but two films under her belt – awaiting release. Kiran will also be seen alongside Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid in upcoming film Zarrar (2019). On talking about her experience of working with commercial and theatre actors, she says, “Zarrar and Pinky Memsaab, both are very strong projects. Zarrar is one big budget film and stars Shaan Shahid and then there’s Pinky Memsaab, low budget film but with a very strong storyline. Shaan is a commercial actor, so working with him was a different kind of responsibility. On the other side, I was same nervous for working with Adnan even. He’s a theatre actor and he is a very raw core acting kind of a guy. Shaan taught me how to act along with the technical aspects, and Adnan gave me that comfort zone and helped me through the whole journey.”
Along with Kiran Malik, the film stars Adnan Jaffar and Hajra Yamin in the lead roles.
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